sum up and more sketches

to sum up, (for everyone who wasn't there.)

the theme is just farm, no spaceships or pirates or whatnot.

five main cats (If its all right with everyone I'd like to start off with all five in the milk truck)

Tom: black cat with red collar Calm, cool, sly, sorta greedy
Scrags: thin cat Cat that shows up in first verse. Nervous, jittery
Al: Fat, perhaps a bit dimwitted, comic relief type fellow
Persian: Fancy long haired white cat, could be male or female, the song doesn't specify.
Narrator: Short, grey cat with a bent tail a straw hat and possibly a banjo, silent, passive,

Farmer: just a farmer not much specified about him yet... serious, gets angrier and more desperate as song continues.
The dog: big fluffy collie with patches but since he only appears in one scene its not so important. Just very playful.

What: Regular ol dairy farm

When: Somewhat on the verge of classic and modern farming... like 10 years back or so, late enough for a big milk cooler but early enough for milk jugs and containers to be sitting around the barn as well.

Remeber: Most of this takes place at NIGHT, except for #11 and 12

Where: I'm assuming we're in canada, no camels or penguins or anything silly like that.

Why: Cats want milk, the milk truck is only filled with empty bottles.

For everyone that came, thanks so much

also some sketches I did yesterday...

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