barn plan..

drew these today and someone asked to put them up.... Of course many things could (and most likely will) be added or taken away, and we're probably going to end up with something completely and utterly different, which isn't a bad thing but I thought some sort of idea of setting inside would be helpful for when boarding begins, so we haven't got 12 completely different barns.

The two views indoors are not layouts, just sort of "here's what the inside would look like" no consideration for prettiness or composition.... the first inside view has the milkcooler in blue, i made it see thru for the sake of showing the cows and watertrough...

I tried to incorporate everything mentioned in the beat boards, a water trough for al, windows the farmer can look through, the cooler is set up so a rifle could shoot holes into it if shot through the door, nathan mentioned putting the milk cooler on a slightly higher level for a fun waterfall/flood type effect and there's a section that the milk truck could drive into. (I set it up so the truck could narrowly miss the farmer if wanted, and the section could collapse to prevent the farmers entry without causing any severe damage to the rest of the barn. :)

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