meeting time

hi guys, I know this is completely last minute, but we're meeting tomorro (tuesday) at 11 in the lab at the great big table to come up with some characters, get an idea of the setting, and start our beat boards (due thurs.) Bring in some blank story panels as well.

thanks, and see u there!

If you can't make it plz comment, we can change the time to wednesday after class if thats better for everyone.


  1. who is cinnamon waffles and who decided this time?

  2. sorry, thats me, diane.. we talked about either sunday or tuesday in class.. and i think it was pretty much me and kristin that picked the time today but if its a problem class ends at 2 on wednesday, we could meet then...

  3. oh ok Hey Diana, I can make it today. But i think that when we meet we should pick a time. I was thinking more like 12. We still have 2 hours to work on things even at that time. Cya at the meeting.